Caribou Mahogany Blend and Caribou Blend K-Cups Review

by karen on September 7, 2012

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Caribou Coffee blends are 100 percent Rainforest Alliance Certified™ and Caribou Coffee is proud to be the first major U.S. coffeehouse retailer to source all coffees and espresso from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, a sustainable milestone which it reached in January 2012. Caribou Coffee is the second largest company-operated premium coffeehouse retailer in the United States!

I received the following two K-Cup coffee blends for review…

  • Mahogany Blend, which is a rugged blend with woodsy notes, combined with sweet molasses and dry vanilla flavors.
  • Caribou Blend, which is a full-bodied coffee that perfectly balances herbal and fruit flavors with bittersweet chocolate.

I love coffee and I love my Keurig!

Best invention ever.

I like the first cup of coffee out of the pot so a single cup brewer was perfect for me. And the variety that I can get is even better. Rather than starting a bunch of different cans of coffee, I can get a variety of coffees in the form of K-Cups including Caribou coffee!

I was already a huge fan of the Caribou Daybreak so I was excited to try a couple more blends. The Caribou Blend I really enjoyed and it wasn’t very strong tasting for a full-bodied coffee. I would drink this in the morning anytime. The Mahogany Blend is a great mid-day cup for me because the flavor was fuller with the sweet molasses and dry vanilla. I really enjoyed them both.

If you can’t find Caribou K-Cups locally, try Cross Country Cafe because they sell them!!

What is your favorite Caribou Coffee?

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