Cute Coffee Socks to Keep You Warm this Winter

by karen on September 24, 2012

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If you live where it gets cold this time of the year, then you may have already been tempted to turn your heat up a few times at night.  We try to wait as long as we can before we turn ours on.  I’ll resort to using another blanket or socks first!  Actually now that I think about it we tend to to keep it cooler at night anyways so several times each winter I grab a pair of socks to keep my toes warm.

Check out these adorable Coffee (or Tea if that is your hot beverage of choice!) socks.  They are from Sock Grams and I’m a big fan of the site.  I’ve worked with them before and probably own almost 2 dozen of their socks and wear them a lot in the winter.

Funny story about a pair of Sock Gram socks.  I had on THESE SOCKS one day when I went to the OBGYN for my annual (fun!) exam.  I always keep my socks on, don’t you?   This particular day I didn’t even think about what socks I was putting on as I had on a pair of boots so no one was going to see them anyways.

I got to my appointment and when I took off my boots I laughed at my socks thinking that they were going in the stir-ups so this should be cute!  My doctor and his nurse LOVED them and told me that I won for best socks that week.  I asked them if they’ve seen some good ones and they said I wouldn’t believe the socks (or lack of socks) that women wear to the OBGYN’s and they wished more patients wore socks like me to give them a chuckle.  So now I’ll always make sure I have on a cute pair of socks when I head there.

If you are interested in these socks head on over to Sock Grams – they are called Coffee or Tea and Thanks a Latte.  They would make a great gift for your coffee/tea loving friend.  Sock Grams will send them to the person of your choice (or yourself) packaged up really nice and with a note card as well.  It really makes a cute gift!

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