Koffee Karen at Home – A Little Bit About My Coffee Mug Obsession Collection

by karen on October 7, 2012

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I enjoy coffee – I have for a very long time. I like it hot in the summer and winter and I enjoy it cold in the summer or winter. But I don’t enjoy when my hot coffee gets cold.  It can’t start out one way and turn into the other. I also don’t like to microwave my cup of hot coffee when it gets cold.

Those are a few coffee facts about me. Another fact is, I love coffee mugs! I really LOVE coffee mugs. If I had unlimited funds, I’d have a lot of mugs!

When my husband and I were first together, we’d pick up a mug when we traveled. That was our way of remembering where we’ve been together because we knew once we had kids, we’d forget a lot!   My husband also travels for work a lot so a few of them are from his trips too.  But those mugs aren’t for drinking – we have them displayed on a shelf for memories (see below). Our girls like to hear about the places we’ve been so it’s a good starting point for us.  We have a few more that don’t fit on here so we may have to re-think a bigger shelf soon!

But that is not where my obsession collection of mugs ends.  I have several others.  We recenlty moved and I knew I needed to part with some of them and it was very hard deciding.  But the plain ones that I never used or the older faded ones just had to go. It was hard.  But now I have room to buy more (not sure that was the purpose of my purge!)

Of course with all the mugs in my cabinet I do have favorites.  What makes them a favorite?  Many things – color, size, design, logo “feel”….  For instance I love my Dunkin Donuts mugs….. every one I’ve ever owned, I’ve loved.  But I love Dunkin Donuts so that is probably why.    The one pictured below is one of my favorites as well (and I’m using it right now too!).  I love the size, I like the logo and colors and I like the feel of it!

Like most other things, my favorites do change over time.  But I love looking at Zulily everyday for new mugs.  That is where I found the one pictured above.   I do a search for ‘mugs’ and then I can see all the ones they currently have for sale.

What is your favorite coffee mug?  Send me a picture, I’d love to see it!

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