Koffee Karen At Home : A Visit To The Farm & A Pumpkin

by karen on October 19, 2012

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Now that both of my children are in school everyday, I can attend their field trips.  I missed  a few of my oldest’s because they always fell on days her sister wasn’t in pre-school but now that she is in Kindergarten I have been able to make them all.   So far I’ve been on 3 field trips and it’s only October!

Today was a trip to get a pumpkin with the Kindergartener’s at Morris Farms in Warwick RI.    I had never been there before but I really liked it.  It’s a small farm but perfect for a field trip.

First the kids learned a little bit about some of the vegetables they grow there.   Did you know that Red Peppers start out as Green Peppers but turn Red after sitting in the sun longer? I had NO IDEA!   And neither did a lot of the other adults either so we all learned something.   After that little bit of learning we went on a hay ride to see and feed the cows some corn.  They weren’t very hungry when we got there but all the corn we left for them, will fill their bellies later today.

After the cows we saw some nice horses, chickens and a pony!

We had a great morning and luckily the ran held off and we didn’t get stuck in a down pour.  And of course we got a cute little pumpkin too…

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