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by karen on October 3, 2012

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I am not an organized person.  At least I haven’t been for the first (almost) 40 years of my life.  I strive to be and I truly believe if I had the space, time and the tools, I could do it.  The problem is I think I may have too many tools and I don’t know what to do with them.  And did I mention I’m not very good at organizing my time?

But I’m trying.

We moved earlier this summer into a bigger home, with a lot of storage areas.  I have more cabinets in my kitchen then I know what to do with.  I have draws like crazy that are just screaming – put stuff in me.  So I did that – I put stuff in them.  But now I can’t find anything I need because I’m not sure what is in what draw.

I did find a cabinet to dedicate to my k-cups because I like having a variety on hand for when I’m in the mood for something different.  Having them in our pantry cabinet just wasn’t working because it’s too deep and I had no idea what I had.  Now I can see exactly what I have!    My first organized cabinet!

(yes those are lifesaver bags on top of my boxes.  My husband needed someplace to put the many bags of lifesavers I purchased for him.  This is what he found!)

Now that pretty much all our boxes are finally unpacked (thanks Mom and Dad!) I can start to organize my house one draw, cabinet, closet and shelf at a time.  I’ve put a lot of thought into it and have spent a lot of time on Pintrest looking at organizing ideas.  I even found some blogs that have awesome ideas.

Now it’s time to implement them.

One site I read was all about having bins/baskets/decorative boxes for everything and labeling them.  I thought something like that may work for me.  If it is labeled it may get put back in its place.  While browsing through CVS last week, I found some plastic bins that were 50% off and grabbed a few for my draws and immediately used them.  I won’t label these as they aren’t really the ‘labeling’ type but if things don’t get put back in place, perhaps I will!

Here is what I did…

I have two narrow draws in my kitchen island that are very useful, if used well.  I should have taken a before picture to show you how things were just tossed in this draw.

I love the bag clips from Pampered Chef and we use them all the time so we have a lot of them.  They were in our ‘junk’ draw (which is totally unorganized) and we couldn’t fish them out.  So now they have their own spot and my husband as been instructed to keep putting them back in the right spot.    I’ve also decided to put some utensils I don’t use everyday in draws rather than on the counter top (I strive to have empty counters!).  So the other bin has my Pampered Chef tongs that I love, but use only a half a dozen times a month.  Since there was a little more room in there, I put our wine bottle stoppers in there that again, we use just a few times a month if that, but I want to have them handy.

That little bag you see off to the right is our Box Tops.  They were just tossed into the draw and now they are in a nice bag and when it’s time to send them off to school, they are all bagged up!

This is just the beginning and I’m working on things everyday and I’ll share more.  But I’d love to hear your ideas of how to get organized and stay organized.  So please share!

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