Homework in Kindergarten?? Homework in Grade School?? I never had that!

by karen on February 25, 2013

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I am not that old to actually forget that I didn’t have homework when I was in grade school.  I know I didn’t and it’s crazy how much homework my kids have and one of them is only in Kindergarten!

OK, just to clear that up my Kindergartener doesn’t have a lot of homework but between her and my 2nd grader, we have a lot  during the week.  We did not have homework in grade school.  I remember this very clearly.  I was dying to go to middle school so I would get homework.  I think in 6th grade, which was still grade school for me, we had homework to ‘prepare’ us for middle school.  So are they preparing my Kindergartener and 2nd grader for middle school already?

The kindergartener’s homework isn’t what gets me, it’s more the 2nd grader.  She’s in school all day long doing work. Then when she comes home from school she has to continue doing work?!  That’s the part that bothers me.  We have things we do after school and in the evening and squeezing in home is always just like that – SQUEEZED IN.  I get it, they want them to continue learning independently after their school day is over, but it’s a struggle some days and just not fun for me.

And then I love it when my 2nd grader does her homework incorrectly and tells me that I’m wrong, not her!  I’M WRONG?  I’m 39 years old and I think I know more than an 8-year-old.  But when you are their parent, you know nothing.  Right? WRONG.  It usually ends in crying but I eventually make her realize that I am right.  Or I tell her to take her work into school the way she did it and she’ll get it wrong.  Then there’s a good chance she’ll have to sit during recess to do it correctly.  That almost always works.

I’ve been making my 2nd grader do her homework right after school.   And once again today it was a struggle.  So my husband and I have decided to try to move it to right after dinner on nights we don’t have an evening activity.  We will see how that works out.  I’m sure it’ll still be a struggle some nights, at least when daddy isn’t home!

When is homework done in your house? Is it a struggle most nights?


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