Cinnamon Roll Breakfast Bites with Cinnamon Chips

by karen on March 8, 2013

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It’s so cold in New England and when it’s cold like this I think of baking! Of course I have so many other things to do that baking has to be quick. Here is a quick recipe I’ve done in the past and my kids and husband love it! Actually I’m not sure it’s really a recipe as I use pre-made dough!

cinn roll bites

Don’t these look so yummy?  They are an alternative to regular cinnamon rolls, and fun for the kids because they are like little mini muffins.  And they are just as easy to make as the regular cinnamon rolls.

I used two ingredients – a can of cinnamon rolls with icing and some cinnamon chips.  And my mini muffin tin.

Cinnimon Roll Bites

To make these I first sprayed my mini muffin tin with Pam and then cut each cinnamon roll in half and loosely formed a ball.  I put each ball in the pan and then formed a well in the dough with my finger.  I sprinkled Cinnamon Chips inside each well.  They aren’t going to sink into the dough, but I find that making the well keeps them on top better as they cook.

cin chips

I baked them according to the cinnamon roll instructions but took them out once they looked cooked.   I immediately drizzled some of the icing on top of each one and let it drip down the sides.


After these cooled a little I pop them out of the tin and we eat them immediately.  The girls love them and ask me to make them all the time!  They are extra yummy with the cinnamon chips.

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