Super Buddies coming to Blu-Ray Combo Pack

by karen on June 17, 2013

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We are a TV watching Family and I’m not ashamed to say so. I love a good comedy at night after the day is done to help me unwind.  My husband loves a good History documentary to add more (useless) information to the mass of it he already has in his head.  My girls love watching Cartoons and movies.

I think watching TV is a great way to unwind from the day, or on a day when you don’t feeling like doing much or just plain tired, it’s a great way to relax but still keep your mind moving.   Think about the ideas you get from watching TV.  Whether it’s a decorating idea, a cooking idea, a discipline idea (what to do or not to do) and there really are so many learning opportunities for kids to learn while watching TV.

That said, we limit the amount of TV our girls watch.   During school days they get 1 hour of TV a day.  They can choose to watch it 15 minutes before they leave for school and then 45 minutes before bed.   Or they can keep that hour to watch before bed.  It’s up to them.  On weekends and during school vacations we up that to 2 hours a day and then at times we are flexible on that.

I learned early on if I let them watch TV all day long, they would.

We have a HUGE collection of movies both in DVD and Blu-Ray format.  I’ve pretty much cleaned out our VHS tapes as we don’t really use them anymore.     The only reason we have such a huge collection is because I get a lot of movies to review for my blogs.  Otherwise I’d probably rent them more than buy them.


We all have our favorites and some of them we also agree on and the Buddies series of movies is one we all agree on.   We have been collecting some of the movies and watch them over and over again.   The girls watch them more than us, but usually when they are on I will stop what I’m doing and watch along.

How can you resist these cute dogs and their little adventures?  If you haven’t seen any of the Buddies movies I suggest you check out your local library and watch them soon because there is a new one coming to add to the list of a”dog”able movies!  (get it, adorable hehe).

See below….


The newest addition to the Pups movies is Super Buddies and it’s being released on Blu-ray Combo pack on August 27, 2013.  We cant wait!

Are you a TV watching family?   If you have kids,  do you limit the amount of TV for your kids?

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