Turning 40 was just Another Day!

by karen on July 2, 2013

in Koffee Talk

40th birthday picture

I turned 40 last month.  I remember when my mom turned 40, I was 15 and I thought she was SO OLD.   I had a friend send her 40th Birthday Cards for a week and she signed them “A Secret Admirer”.  She know who they were from, my mother was very smart.  Then for her actual birthday I made a rectangular cake and frosted it with chocolate frosting and then across the top in white frosting I put the number 40!   I think she loved it, I sure did.

I was a ball buster.

So I figured she’d do something crazy for my 4oth to “rub it in”  but she really didn’t because she knew I only thought of it as another day because really it was just another day.  Age doesn’t mean anything to me, it’s just a number.  I’m only as old as I feel, that’s what I say all the time.

The the day before my birthday I thought about turning 40 and looked at it as a different chapter in my life.   I thought about all I had done since I was 30 and when I made the list, I was amazed (and exhausted thinking about it!)….

  • I became a home owner (twice)
  • a mother (twice)
  • drove a mini van (gasp!)
  • had several (minor) surgeries (7) including having my tonsils out!,
  • built a very successful website
  • traveled by myself to so many places (this was very big for me!)
  • wrote a book
  • was on TV several times
  • was in the newspaper several times
  • was featured in magazines (All You and People InStyle)
  • got out of debt
  • lost weight/gained weight (haha but true!)

I built up my confidence is so many ways and so much more! I grew up more in my thirties than I did in my teens or my twenties! I can only imagine what I’ll do in my 40’s. And I’m open to whatever it will be.

I celebrated that day with my friends and family and we had a great time.  I didn’t feel bad for myself or dwell on the fact that I was 40th.  I had fun and enjoyed every minute of the day.  I’m healthy (yes I’m over weight and working on it but no major health problems), my family is healthy, my husband loves me to both ends of the world and I have great kids.  That’s really what matters, not what year I was born.

I should make a bucket list and I will think about it over the next year and maybe make that bucket list my ‘adventures’ in my 40’s.  Well see.   I just hope that when I turn 50 I feel the same way I feel now about turning 40 because even in 10 years it’s really not going to be a big deal.


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