Surprising Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

by karen on May 28, 2014

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Surprising Ways to Use Old Coffee Grounds

There is one thing that we have an overabundance of in our house and that is coffee! Morning, noon and night that coffee pot is going strong and as you all know I hate to waste things. So I started to find different ways to use old coffee grounds and thought I would share them with you today. So belly up to the computer with your hot cup of Joe and let’s get to talking about surprising ways to use old coffee grounds.

Get rid of unwanted ants

Sprinkle coffee grounds outside of your doors and windows to ward off pesky ants especially if you have small children and want to stay away from pesticides.

Add to your compost

Coffee grounds have been known to speed up the decomposing process of a compost. All you need to do is add a
teaspoon or two of lime juice to your coffee grounds and add to your compost.

Spread around your outside plants

Slugs and snails are not very fond of coffee grounds so spread a little around your outside plants and those little buggers will be running for the hills! It’s also good for keeping cats from using your garden for a potty spot.

Fridge Deodorizer

Dry used coffee grounds on an old cookie sheet and put them in a mason jar to replace the baking soda in your fridge and watch the odors disappear. (Make sure you leave the lid of the mason jar) I find it easier to keep it in the door of the fridge. You can also keep a jar in the freezer to ward of smelly odors.

Sharpen garbage disposal blades

Pour a 1/4 cup of grounds down your garbage disposal and run for a minute or two with the water running. It will help keep your blades nice and sharp.

Stain furniture

Take fresh brewed coffee grounds and rub into scratches in your furniture. It’s not a perfect fix but can make it a lot less noticeable. For darker wood repeat every few days until you get the desired color.

Shine your hair

Now who would have guessed that old coffee grounds would be good for your hair!! Rub some of your old grounds into clean wet hair and message gently for a few minutes. You will be left with beautiful, shiny hair for the day. I make sure that I rinse it out in the sink in my kitchen that has a garbage disposal so that it doesn’t clog up the pipes. If you don’t have a garbage disposal then you could grab your hose and rinse it outside.

Exfoliate skin

Instead of spending tons of money at the spa add some coffee grounds to some liquid body soap and message into skin. Rinse with warm water and moisturize. Your skin will feel nice and soft and you will save a ton of money!
Natural flea repellent – Fleas are another insect that hates coffee. Give Fido a bath and rub him down with some old coffee grounds to send those fleas down the road! Make sure you let the grounds sit on Fido for a few minutes and rinse away.

Meat Marinade

Add a tablespoon or two to your meat marinade to give your meat a mild smoky flavor. Coffee also works as a natural tenderizer.

There are a ton of other uses for old coffee grounds floating around on the internet.  Even if you use k-cups, you can still open them up and collect the grounds.  I hope you enjoyed having your cup of Joe with me today. Make sure you leave your ideas on surprising ways to use old coffee grounds with us in the comments below.

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